Upright Vacuum vs Canister Vacuum: Which is Best?

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the upright vacuum vs. canister vacuum comparison is one you will often find yourself making. Upright vacuums are very common, but at present, many households are choosing canister vacuums for their everyday cleaning needs. Vacuum cleaners are essential home appliances that make housecleaning a less tiring job. They clean a […]
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Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Paint?

If you’ve spilled some paint on the floor, don’t worry – in most cases, your carpet cleaner can remove paint stains with no evidence left. However, the success depends on the paint type and whether the stain is dry or wet. Don’t rush to grab your carpet cleaner and shampoo the area. Rubbing the stain […]
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Can Carpet Cleaners Spread Bed Bugs?

If you’ve bought or rented a second-hand carpet cleaner and now suscept your house was infested with bed bugs, you might wonder – can a carpet cleaner spread bed bugs? The short answer is “yes,” although it isn’t a common transport for these creatures. Bed bugs are notoriously good at hiding and creative at traveling. […]
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Vacuum Cleaning

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How Does a Robot Vacuum Work?

If you’re considering getting a robot vacuum, you likely wonder – how does a robot vacuum work? Learning how robot vacuums work helps us understand their requirements, possibilities, and limitations. Robot vacuums are smart, but they still need human assistance. The technology is still in development, and each new robot vacuum model presents us with […]
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Can Robot Vacuums Work in The Dark?

Finding out whether a robot vacuum can work in the dark is crucial for picking the correct model for your needs. The vac’s ability to clean in the dark is vital not only if you want it to work at nighttime. Some areas of your home might be darker than others or have dark flooring, […]
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Do Robot Vacuums Work for Dog Hair?

The primary concern of any pet owner when choosing a vac is – do robot vacuums work for dog hair. The short answer is “yes.” Most robot vacuums do a decent job of picking up dog hair, but some are better for households with pets. Any dog owner will admit a robot vacuum is a […]
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Carpet Cleaning

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Does Carpet Cleaner Solution Expire?

Household cleaning products seem to last forever, making many people wonder – does a carpet cleaning solution expire? Most people never dispose of cleaning products – they run out of them. However, any cleaning product has an expiration date. If you don’t use as much product as the average person, your carpet cleaner might last […]
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Can Carpet Cleaners Make Dogs Sick?

From muddy paws and grass stains to hair clumps, there are numerous pet-related reasons to clean your carpet, but have you ever thought about whether carpet cleaners can make a dog sick? Like most household cleaning solutions, a carpet cleaner can make a dog sick. Most carpet cleaners contain chemicals toxic to dogs. These chemicals […]
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Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Bleach Stains?

If you spilled bleach on a carpet in an apartment, you might wonder whether a carpet cleaner can remove bleach stains. The short answer is “no.” Carpet cleaners are of no help in getting rid of bleach stains because they aren’t true stains. In fact, your home carpet cleaner might make matters worse if you […]
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Steam Cleaning

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How to Use a Vileda Steam Mop (in 15 Steps)

Simple, efficient, and easy-to-use, it doesn’t take much to learn how to use a Vileda Steam mop. The Vileda Steam mop is a simple steam mop that is perfect for anyone looking to clean hard floors. Beginners opt for products that are not too technical, easy to understand and use, and easy on the pocket. […]
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Best Steam Mop • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Deep cleaning tile or wood floors can be a tough chore, but the best steam mop can help you get your floors spotless with ease. By using the power of steam, you’ll be able to make your hard floors shine. Cleaning your home is a whole lot easier when you have the right tools. A […]
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Best Steam Cleaner • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

The best steam cleaner not only makes cleaning easier, but also sanitizes without adverse exposure to toxins. Most people don’t realize that many common household cleaners are lumped in with antifreeze, paint, and motor oil as potentially dangerous chemicals. Steam cleaners have advantages over other types of cleaning methods. A canister vacuum or an upright […]
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