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Best Vacuum CleanerBest Vacuum Cleaner
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Best Carpet CleanerBest Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning Floors Has Never Been Easier!

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

The best handheld steam cleaner is an efficient way to clean your house in ways that a spray bottle and cloth cannot do. A handheld steamer should be handy, ready to go and capable of handling the stickiest, gooiest jobs easily. There are lots of different devices available to clean your home from a steam […]

Best Canister Vacuum

Canister vacs were once only useful for hardwood floors, but the best canister vacuum today can handle just about anything you throw at it. Depending upon the power, attachments, and filters, a quality canister vac can do much more than just clean hardwood floors. A clean and healthy home requires the best tools. When choosing […]

Best Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaner on the market today far surpasses the initial ones manufactured around 1905. Once labeled luxury items, vacuums are now considered a necessity for clean living. Vacuums make short work of cleaning wooden floors, carpeting, tile, auto interiors and chairs. Back in the day, brooms and feather dusters made a room look […]

Upright Vacuum vs Canister Vacuum

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the upright vacuum vs. canister vacuum comparison is one you will often find yourself making. Upright vacuums are very common, but at present, many households are choosing canister vacuums for their everyday cleaning needs. Vacuum cleaners are essential home appliances that make housecleaning a less tiring job. They clean a […]

How to Use a Vileda Steam Mop (in 15 Steps)

Simple, efficient, and easy-to-use, it doesn’t take much to learn how to use a Vileda Steam mop. The Vileda Steam mop is a simple steam mop that is perfect for anyone looking to clean hard floors. Beginners opt for products that are not too technical, easy to understand and use, and easy on the pocket. […]

Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

Spills and stains ruin the look of your carpets, but by investing in the best portable carpet cleaner it’s easy to keep them looking their best. Anytime the cat has an accident, or the party overflows on the carpet, you can take out the portable carpet cleaner and spot clean the area. Anyone who has […]

Best Carpet Cleaner

Is the best carpet cleaner a solid option when you’re trying to keep your carpets in top shape? We all know that carpets are not the easiest to clean, especially if you have pets and family members that make it difficult. Are you at a point where you want to stop spending money on whole […]

Best Steam Mop

Deep cleaning tile or wood floors can be a tough chore, but the best steam mop can help you get your floors spotless with ease. By using the power of steam, you’ll be able to make your hard floors shine. Cleaning your home is a whole lot easier when you have the right tools. A […]

Best Steam Cleaner

The best steam cleaner not only makes cleaning easier, but also sanitizes without adverse exposure to toxins. Most people don’t realize that many common household cleaners are lumped in with antifreeze, paint, and motor oil as potentially dangerous chemicals. Steam cleaners have advantages over other types of cleaning methods. A canister vacuum or an upright […]

Best Robot Vacuum

Technology has made all of our home lives easier, and the best robot vacuum can make it incredibly easy to keep your floors clean. For those with busy schedules, robo vacs can save a whole lot of time. Everyone grew up with some sort of vacuum cleaner in their home, but it was usually an […]