How to Use a Vileda Steam Mop (in 15 Steps)

Updated May 17, 2023

Simple, efficient, and easy-to-use, it doesn’t take much to learn how to use a Vileda Steam mop.

The Vileda Steam mop is a simple steam mop that is perfect for anyone looking to clean hard floors.

Beginners opt for products that are not too technical, easy to understand and use, and easy on the pocket. The Vileda steam mop is all of that and more!

Mopping is a tiring and sometimes disgusting chore. The Vileda steam mop makes mopping easy, clean, and less time-consuming. With just a few strokes, you will have fresh, sparkling floors.

Thanks to this steam mop you don’t have to get on your knees or get your hands dirty. The Vileda steam mop, suitable for all hard sealed floors, such as tiles, vinyl, wood, and laminate, makes mopping easy and straightforward.

1. Assemble

When you take your Vileda steam mop out of its box, the very first step is to assemble the three separate sections. (You don’t need any tools for the assembly.)

For reference, the Vileda mop set comes with the following: three sections of the mop, two mop heads, one attachment accessory for refreshing carpets, and one plastic jug.

The handle is lightweight, which makes attaching and detaching it from the main steamer body easy. A clicking sound happens when the Vileda mop handle connects correctly to the body.

Moreover, you need to click the cleaning head in place on the base of the mop.

2. Add Attachments (optional)

Depending on the type of surface you’re planning to clean, you might have to set an extra attachment on the head of your mop.

If you want to refresh your carpets, attach the carpet glider over the microfiber pad at the base of the mop.

Keep in mind that a little bit of extra force is needed when you refresh your carpets: the energy will overcome the friction that the carpet generates.

The steam released from the mop will help get rid of bacteria and germs in the carpet. With the Vileda Steam mop, you can rest assured that your carpets are not housing any dangerous organisms on the surface.

However, the Vileda Steam mop does not thoroughly clean the carpet as no water sinks into the carpet fibers. It only refreshes it and makes it look fresh and bright.

If you want to deep clean your carpets, consider using a carpet cleaner instead.

3. Fill with Water

Open the cap of the water tank by rotating it counter-clockwise. Using the provided plastic jug, fill up the water tank with up to 400ml of water.

Once the tank is full, screw the cap back onto the tank by twisting clockwise until you’re confident it’s tight enough.

When you’re operating the Vileda steam mop, there is a red light that will start flashing when you need to refill the water tank.

4. Remove Obstacles

Mopping can be time-consuming, so you want to do a bit of preparation before you get started. The next step is to prepare the room. Remove any object or piece of furniture that could get in the way while you’re mopping.

A good starting point might be to put your dining chairs on the table upside down and remove loose shoes or toys that your kid or pet might have left in the middle of the room.

5. Sweep First

Next, you should sweep or vacuum the floor. It might sound like a waste of time, but it’s essential to keep in mind that a steam mop does not replace a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

A steam mop can clean a decent amount of dust and dirt. However, sand, hair, and loose debris might damage your steam mop and put extra strain on it. Also, dragging sand or dirt around the house on your mop could cause some unnecessary scratches on your floor.

It’s a lot more efficient to use a broom or vacuum cleaner first to remove loose dirt, crumbs, sand, hair, etc. The cleaning pad of your Vileda steam mop will get less dirty, and you can concentrate on cleaning stains and grime.

6. Switch On

Plug your Steam Mop and switch it on. You will find the on/off button at the back of the Vileda steam mop’s main body.

Once it’s turned on, you will notice a green light appearing on the front side of the mop.

7. Warm Up

After waiting just 15 seconds, steam will start to appear. You might want to stand by for an extra 5 to 10 seconds to ensure the steam flow is constant before you begin mopping.

When you notice consistent steam, your Vileda mop is ready to use for about 30 minutes with 400 mL of water.

8. Start Mopping

Mopping isn’t a complicated task in itself, but keep in mind to start as far away as possible from doors.

When you’ve spent a fair amount of time cleaning the floor, you won’t want to walk over that freshly cleaned (and probably still slightly wet) floor.

Also, remember that it’s much easier to clean in straight lines to keep track of where you’ve already cleaned. Glide the steam mop gently in a back-and-forth motion for the best results.

9. Keep Mopping

Although you cannot control the steam flow, the power of the steam flow that is released can be controlled, depending upon the type of floor you clean. The Vileda Steam mop comes with two options: MIN and MAX.

The MIN setting makes it the best steam mop for laminate floors and wood, while the MAX setting makes it the best steam mop for tile and vinyl floors.

Different amounts of steam are necessary for different surfaces. Too much steam can damage some floors. That’s the reason why the Vileda Steam mop comes with a variety of power settings.

10. Refill Water (if necessary)

If you happen to open the water tank while the steam mop is on, you won’t encounter a jet of hot steam. The tank stores regular temperature water that it heats only on demand.

Nonetheless, if you run out of steam before too early, you should probably switch the power off before refilling the tank.

Turn the mop off, then repeat steps 3, 6, and 7. Remove the tank cap. Fill the tank using the provided plastic jug. Secure the lid back onto the water tank. Turn your mop on by pressing the switch on the backside of your steam mop. Wait for the mop to reach the correct temperature and start producing steam.

11. Turn Off

It might sound overkill to say it, but better be safe than sorry: don’t forget to turn off your steam mop once finished.

It’s easy to get distracted by an Amazon delivery man at the door or the phone ringing, but avoid leaving your steam mop unattended while it’s on.

12. Remove Pad

Once you finish the mopping, you can remove the mopping cloth for washing. The microfiber cleaning pad removal is relatively easy.

The mopping cloth is attached to the triangular mop head using Velcro to be easily detached from the head and washed in a washing machine.

13. Empty Water Tank

This step is optional, but you might want to empty the remaining water from your mop’s water tank between each use.

It will improve its overall durability, as well as diminish the risk of water leaking in your closets when the mop is in storage.

Emptying the tank will also reduce potential unpleasant odors if you leave your mop unused for weeks on end.

14. Disassemble

Depending on if you have a spot to store your Vileda Steam Mop fully assembled or not, you have the option to disassemble each section of the steam mop for storage.

I would generally advise against disassembling your mop every time you use it as it can put extra wear on the parts and might reduce its lifespan.

15. Storage

Most other steam mops need a wall bracket to stay upright, but the Vileda steam mop has a slim profile and can stand upright without any support.

This feature makes its storage in a tall cupboard extremely easy. Put your Vileda steam mop in storage until next time, and voila.

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